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Welcome to our education hub! Here you can find resources to better understand the world of metal 3D printing, Holo's PureForm platform, applications of our technology, and more. Looking to learn more about a topic we haven't covered yet?
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Technology Foundations


What is DLP 3D printing and how is it used in Holo’s PureForm™ process?

Everything you want to know about the high-resolution, digital projector-based technology which underpins the 3D printing process in Holo's PureForm metal AM platform.


What is metal injection molding (MIM) and what role does it play in our PureForm™ technology?

MIM is a proven, high volume production technology for complex metal parts, but it has some significant limitations. Learn how Holo's PureForm process adds production flexibility and capability on top of MIM.


An array of pure copper inductors 3D printed with Holo's PureForm metal AM process

PureForm™ photopolymer materials: unlocking metal DLP 3D printing

Polymer DLP 3D printing is a widespread plastic 3D printing technology but Holo's proprietary PureForm metal powder-filled photopolymer materials are key to enabling metal DLP 3D printing.

Use Cases


Applications of PureForm metal additive manufacturing

What industries are using parts printed by Holo? What kinds of parts make for the best applications? Read on to find out!

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