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copper induction coil

Frictionless Adoption and Scale: Metal AM Contract Services

3d printed metal parts


What Makes Holo’s PureForm Process Different From Metal Injection Molding?

3dpod podcast

3DPOD Episode 132: Metal Slurry SLA with Arian Aghababaie, Co-Founder and President, Holo AM

steel grippers AM

Digital Engineering 247

Holo Expands Offering with PureForm MicroAM

3d printed biopsy scoop

Micro Metal 3D Printing from Holo Gets Series B Round, New Materials

3D printed abutment

Industry Week

Small Things Equal Big Additive Opportunities for Holo

pure copper printed ring


Holo launches high volume MicroAM metals platform

steel bevels

TCT Magazine

Holo secures Series B funding and expands metal 3D printing technology into new material markets

3d printed copper setter ring

3D Printing Industry

Holo Launches New PureForm MicroAM 3D Printing Platform Amid Latest Series B Funding Round

additive manufacture steel


Holo launches high-resolution PureForm MicroAM platform

3d printed stainless steel parts


Holo Raises Series B Investment, Adding Investors Lam Capital and Atreides Management

holo printer operator


How 3D printers are being used in the manufacturing industry

pure copper keychains holo

Additive Manufacturer Launches Copper Printing Technology

3d printing furnace

TCT Magazine

Holo launches PureForm metal 3D printing technology via service offering

holo 3d printers

3D Printing Industry

Interview: Holo Co-Founder on Launch of PureForm AM Platform for Copper 3D Printing

metal additive manfuacturing


Holo introduces PureForm technology for metal Additive Manufacturing

AM copper coldplate


Holo Plans To Lower Adoption Barriers One Metal 3D Printed Part At A Time

additive manufacture coldplate

Holo Wants to 3D Print Millions of Copper Heatsink Parts Per Year

100 micron lattice

Additive Manufacturing Media

The Case for Tackling the Toughest Material First

holo 3d printers

The Additive Report

Two 3D printers based on lithographic technology produce microscale features

pure copper coldplate AM

Interview with Arian Aghababaie, Co-Founder of Holo

chip power 3d printed heatsinks


Metal DfAM Series: Above and Beyond Traditional Structures for Liquid Cooling

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