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Creating the Highest Performance Cooling Solutions in 3D Printed Pure Copper

Holo, Inc. has once again partnered with nTopology to give a presentation on the wide adoption of additive manufacturing and the impact that design has to enable new applications. Arian Aghababaie, cofounder and chief strategy officer, will dive deeper into how design for additive manufacturing has proven to increase performance over traditionally manufactured parts.
The additive manufacturing industry has grown 10x in the last 10 years and is set to grow to $150B by 2030. Whilst the industry has been focused on selling 3D printers, over 2/3 of the market opportunity is in the production of parts that create performance through design and can only be made using additive manufacturing. In this webinar, we will discuss how Holo is lowering the barriers of adoption and enabling new applications in AM with high performance, value creating parts that are produced at scale. By the end of the presentation we will gain an understanding of:
  • Holo’s core technologies and the resulting frontier curve shift in speed, resolution and cost for metal additive
  • Why Holo is focused on designing and producing parts that create value for customers
  • Application areas where design for additive is enabling performance that can’t be achieved any other way