Holo Proprietary PureFormTM Technology

Holo’s proprietary additive manufacturing PureForm technology leverages high resolution optical imagers that patterns an entire plane at a time, making printing fast and efficient. Combined with proven Metal Injection Molding (MIM) backend processes, our scalable technology is designed for high volume manufacturing. With expertise in design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), PureForm printer design and optimization and material science, Holo is able to tailor each step to produce high-performance production parts. Our patented polymer binder platform is compatible with a wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics and others.
Step 1
holo pureform materials
Step 2
holo PureForm 3D Printing
Step 3
additive manufacturing green state printing process
Step 4
additive manufacturing brown state printing process
Step 5
sintered part

Technology Advantages

Finest resolution

Currently producing 150-200 micron features, Holo’s PureForm technology excels at producing intricate channels with high surface quality and fine features that optimizes performance of products.
holo high resolution
lattice coupon

99.99% pure

Holo’s additive manufactured PureForm copper is 99.99% pure, achieving thermal and electrical conductivities comparable to pure bulk copper.

Same hardware, multiple materials

Holo’s proprietary additive manufacturing hardware is capable of producing at scale other materials that can be powderized and sintered. Future materials to be announced. Send your request for a new material to holoinfo@holoam.com.
stainless steel wheel

Strong foundation of IP

Holo currently has 16 patents and 27 patents pending covering a wide variety of subjects including PureForm printer design, binder materials, design for additive, and thermal designs for additive manufacturing.

Application Request

Holo PureFormTM products are completely customizable to any application. If you have an application that would fit using Holo’s technology, please fill out the form and a Holo representative will reach out to discuss the opportunity.

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