Holo PureFormTM Technology

Holo’s patented additive manufacturing PureFormTM technology is based on a proprietary polymer binder platform compatible with a wide variety of proven materials, including copper and other metals, technical ceramics and composites. Holo’s 3D photolithographic process exposes eight million voxels at a time to build geometries that are chemically processed and sintered to produce high-purity finished additive manufactured printed parts.
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PureForm Materials
Step 2
PureForm 3D Printing
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Brown State
Step 5
Holo Sintered Process

Technology Advantages

It’s like 3D printing just got glasses

With a minimum print resolution of 50 microns, Holo’s high definition photolithography enables the design of extremely fine features with inherent high surface quality.
Holo print holes

Holo PureFormTM process is capable of producing 0.2mm holes

Design for Sustainability

Holo leverages three dimensional design freedom to create more energy efficient products. Virtually all PureFormTM material is incorporated into the final part, resulting in minimal waste.

Cost-Effective High Volume Manufacturing

Unlocking the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing requires a tight synergy between design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), material development, printer technology and volume manufacturing. With full control over design rules, material formulation, 3D printers and post processing, Holo is able to tailor each step towards high volume production. Our scalable manufacturing process is based around proven Metal Injection Molding (MIM) manufacturing technology.
Holo Printer Operator

   Holo’s PureFormTM HD lithography printer

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