Jonathan Frankel

Jonathan Frankel is the Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Holo, Inc., where he manages equipment development for current and next generation printers employing Holo’s additive manufacturing technology. Jon has 20 years of experience designing capital equipment for the semiconductor, solar and other industries. Prior to joining Holo, he was a Director of Engineering at Applied Materials, Inc. Most recently he managed a team creating novel processes and equipment to enable nanometer scale coatings on pharmaceutical powders, taking the program from early stage concept and feasibility through initial shipment of production machines. His previous work at Applied Materials and solar company Alta Devices, Inc. included R&D and production equipment for applications in wet etch and clean, chemical vapor deposition, and rapid thermal processing. Jon has 25 issued and pending US patents. He holds bachelors degrees from Dartmouth College in Russian Studies and Engineering, and a master of science degree from UC Berkeley in mechanical engineering. Jon enjoys outdoor activities, running, gardening and furniture restoration when not at work.

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