Scalable, intricate 3D printed metal parts ready for production

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Holo enables digital manufacturing at scale for high-quality, pure copper and other metal parts. Our patented technology excels at 3D printing complex geometries with specialized materials for a wide range of performance driven applications.

Designed using nTopology software

A Better Way to 3D Print Metal


A New Source for the Design and Supply of Unique Parts

Unlocking the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing requires a tight synergy between design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), material development and manufacturing. Holo works closely with customers to design parts that take full advantage of Holo’s unique 3D printing capabilities, supplying production parts to our customer’s specifications.

Pure Copper Printing

Holo’s additive manufacturing process is exceptionally suited for producing high purity metals including copper, enabling high conductivity parts with superior thermal and electrical performance.

High Resolution Geometries

With a minimum print resolution of 50 microns, Holo’s high definition photolithography enables the design of extremely fine features with inherent high surface quality.

Superior Flow Characteristics

Holo’s process is capable of producing intricate, residue-free 3D printed internal channels. Superior air, gas or liquid mixing and flow is achieved with near limitless 3D design flexibility.

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