Unlocking new paradigms of product performance

Unleashing the Power of Design Freedom to Create Performance & Value for Customers

Making the impossible, possible

Removing constraints in the way people design and build enables the production of performance enhanced products unachievable any other way. Access to added performance has never been easier with Holo as a supplier of prototypes through to final production volume of parts made with our PureForm 3D printers.

Holo enables digital manufacturing at scale for copper and other challenging materials. Our patented PureForm technology excels at 3D printing complex geometries for a wide range of performance-driven applications.
copper 3D printed lattice
Holo, Inc. Hardware

High-performance parts on demand

In combination with a high volume metal injection molding (MIM) backend, Holo’s PureForm additive manufacturing hardware enables high resolution geometries that cannot be produced any other way. Our scalable platform is ramping up to produce tens of thousands of high-performance metal parts in our pilot facility. Holo’s process is compatible with many difficult to manufacture materials, starting with copper.

Leveraging design freedom with Holo PureFormTM technology

Using the power of design freedom, Holo PureForm 3D printed thermal management products solve the toughest of chip cooling problems. Holo’s technology enables greater heat transfer per unit area than any other direct liquid cooling technology.
3d printed coldplate


Our innovative coldplates for liquid cooling solutions are designed for a variety of high power semiconductor devices including GPUs, CPUs, high density memories, and inverters for EV’s.

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